Strong Willed Samantha Bossert
The general picture that most people get in their heads when
they hear the words “fitness competition” would be of a
muscle-bound, ultra-human glistening with oil while posing
in front of judges. When you see someone like Samantha
Bossert, who has competed in eight National Physique
Committee events, you realize that the scope of the event
is a little wider. Bossert is obviously in peak physical shape,
but she looks more like she should be posing on the cover of
a magazine, than striking poses and flexing her muscles on
the stage.

A Different Breed Josh Bowmar
With a physique that looks like it belongs to a superhero who
can leap buildings in a single bound and lift cars without
hesitation, it’s hard to believe that the dedication Josh Bowmar
had to sculpt himself into a champion bodybuilder originated
in front of the warm glow of a television.