Shatner’s World

William Shatner is taking his show on the road. The television icon best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek fame will appear on stage in "Shatner's World: We Just Live In It," a one-man Broadway show. 

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Shatner’s World
Billy Elliot
Keyed Up
Go Green
Seeing Blue
Stand Up
Flatt Out Fun
Spaghetti Mystery
A Charming Christma
Bright Lights
A Dragon Tale
Eternal Player
Amazing Dave
Bah Humbug!
Oh Mamma!
Jersey Boy
Hit the Pavement
Come Fly with Frank
Oh Carmen!
No Clowning Around
Foo Ya!
Black Out
Dance on Demand
Travel West Young Man
Rock Out
Baby, You are a Firework!
Britney’s Back, Bitch
Get Your Greek On
Jersey Boys
Pop That
Everyone’s a Pirate
We All Scream for Ice Cream
Popcorn, Anyone?
Catch Some Rays
Everybody’s Guy
Catch Some ZZZZZZs
Rock On!
Home Town Heroes
Seinfeld Returns
Let’s Have a Ball
Seven Up
Pop Up!
Something’s Stewing
Return of the Strong
Blooming Wings
Masked Art
Up Close and Personal
Happy Birthday, Columbus!
The Koz Returns
Lighten Up
Folding In
Tempting Affair
Bringing Sexy Back
Hallow High
If it isn’t Baroque…
Toe Up!
Freak Out!
Wild Things
Geek in the Pink
Smoke Out
Plugged Nickel
Summer Revolt
Rib it Up
Summer Idol
Boys Club
Picnic with Shakespeare
Poppin’ Like it’s Hot
The Lone Rangers
Jazz it Up
Ain’t it a Bitch
Pearl Jam
Dance Dance
Jazz Fusion
Bird on a Wire
Mamma Madea
Seeing Spots
Arnold’s Back
Golden Years
Battle Scars
Boom Boom
Star-Crossed Love
Ride ‘Em High Cowboy
Get Ozzy
A Woody Frolic
One Step at a Time
Holiday Tradition
Around the Globe
Rock the House
Tenor Tribute
Kick Up Your Heels
Tricks and Treats
Bah Humbug!
Heightened Senses
Smooth & Jazzy
Fully Cook’d
Just Wing It
All About Frank
Haunting Sounds
Hallow High
Lights Out
The King Lives
Dress Up
Brotherly Royalty
Dance if You Want To
Summer Lovin’
Kick it Up
Taste This!
Top 10 Get Down
Arlington Art
Under the Big Top
Bloody Good Time
A Splash of Foxx
What’s Cookin’
Festive Art
Oh Mamma
Bring Your Hoe
This Side Up
Fun Flicks
Return of the King
The Joy of Reading
Kicking it Up
On Pitch
Musical Matters
The Color Purple
Around the Globe
Wild Things
She Did it Again
Killing Me Softly
Ultimate Rush
Flyin’ High
Pump You Up
Whimsical Fun
Fusion Forms
Riddle Me This! - Turandot
Musical History
On Point
Wake Up!
Almost, Maine
Joy Ride!
Crackin’ Up
Go Green!
Have a Ball!
Breakin’ Up!
Dreamy Winter
Bah Humbug!
Fiery Duo
High Night
Pop ’n Lock at the Schott
Hell of a Time
Hot Steps
Down by the Riverside
Painting the Streets
Vicky Town
Welcome Warhol
Breakable Art
Judge and Jury
Sovereign Cats
She & Him
Blooming Art
C the Future
Mmmm... Art
Motorcycle Marvel
Get Your Groove On
Beer’s Here!
Live and in Person
Beyond the Backyard
COSI Uncovered
Return of the Classics
On the Hunt
Gettin’ Wild
Jazzy Ribs
Art for Life
Homage to Henson
Return of the Monk
Fond Farewell
Calling Casey Kasem
A Fairytale Retold
Music Fix
Eclectic Cool
Can You Help?
Be Funny or Die!
Barry’s Busting Out
Dancing Love
Setting the Stage
Get Nutty
A Dickens Affair
Hoop it Up
On the Horizon
Hot and Rough – Dane Cook
Statehouse Tree Lighting
Comedy Addiction Tour
Enchanted Express
Flying High
Grab a Brat!
Simply Italian
Candlelit History
Stated Creativity
30... is a Magic Number
Simon Says…
It’s All Greek to Me!
Go Wild! For Opera
Summer Classic Flicks
Hopping Art
Columbus Arts Festival
True Colors
Getting Easy
Wicked Ways
History You Crave
Blooms and Butterflies
Marvelous Marvin
Tears of the Clown
St. Patrick’s Day
Spring Art
Erin Go Bragh
Celluloid Celebration
Totally Groovy!
Radio Legend Live!
Symphonic Selections
Sporting History
Rendezvous for Love
Classical Rock
Family Enchantment
A Dickens of a Christmas
Not So Silent Night
Hersch for the Holidays
Homecoming Jazz
POP-ping Holidays!
12 Angry Men
Holiday Humor
Do the Hip Hop
Stolen Laughter
BalletMet Blood Drive
One Night Stand
Having a Ball
Art Gardens
Growing Pains
Freak Out
La Traviata Travails
The Film of Life
Tree Art
Mary J.
Savage Art
Jazzy Ribs
Gazebo Gatherings
Etheridge Energy
Use the Force
A Visit to Manderlay
Pop Goes the Picnic
Huge Fruit
Art of Steel
The Fabric of the Future
Alternate Realities
Decoding DaVinci
Joe’s Dreamy Fashions
Challenging Art
Supreme Singing Sensation
Funny Man Sedaris
Little Shop of Horrors
Carlisle at the Weiss
Art for Life
A Technicolor Musical
Spreading Wings
A Beautiful View
Just Be There
Alice in Wonderland
Die Fledermaus
Renée Fleming
Wayne Lawson
Tale of Cinema
Delicious Chocolate Artistry
Cool Party
Worldly Love
Bad Dates
Sugar Plum Wonders
Objective Art
Carol Returns
Zoo Lights
Artful Gifts
Ohio Arts Council Turns 40
Taboo Parlor
Mettle Shop
Dick & Ike
Party Arty
A Musing
Ride On
Concrete Color
A Pointed Return for BalletMet
The Phantom
4 Brothers
Cirque Du Soleil
James Taylor
Classic Film Summer Series
Vanishing Point
126 Years of CCAD
Picnic with the Pops
Donny Osmond
Mary Penn
Michael Owens
Jigang Xing
Ordinary Glamour - Terry Rodgers