Always in Season Sage American Bistro

Sage serves upscale American cuisine from an ever-evolving menu. One visit to Sage will not be a clone of your next dining experience as chef and owner William Glover revamps his modestly sized menu every 60 days to incorporate seasonal ingredients. On every visit to Sage, you’ll indulge in only the freshest of ingredients, carefully selected to pair flavors and presentation. And if you find yourself falling in love with one particular dish, don’t fret that it will be absent from the menu on your next dine-in: All menu items pull from the same influences and are unique in a way that it becomes apparent the head chef has contemplated each flavor, every ingredient, and it seems nothing will disappoint. Sage also has a full-service bar that serves specialty cocktails and martinis, and the wine list is impressive. The cocktails match the main courses in terms of creativity and presentation. Try the Orangecello Cosmopolitan; it’s the perfect libation for fall weather. 

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Always in Season Sage American Bistro
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