Stacy Offenberger, Miss Ohio USA 2006 - Queen of Rock

Three’s a magic number. It’s March, the third month of the year, in case you’re counting, and on a grander scale, 2006 marks C Magazine’s third year in Columbus, as well as our third year featuring a Miss Ohio USA on our cover. But three is not just a charmed number; it’s also a monumental digit for the reigning Miss O, Stacy Offenberger, as this was her third and self-proclaimed final attempt at the crown.

While thoughts of beauty pageants may inspire snide remarks and jokes about cat fights, world peace and Vaseline, Offenberger is easily identifiable as one of those individuals in the pageant program determined to prove that there is more to her than meets the eye. In addition to completing her degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling, with hopes of opening a chemical dependency rehabilitation center of her own, she is also a sincere advocate for breast cancer awareness, because of her own personal experiences.

As expected, once she lets down her guard a bit, she’s bubbly and energetic and seeks perfection in everything she does, including our photo shoot. And when the tape recorder comes on for her interview, she turns up her Miss Ohio charm.

What are three things you consider must-haves for pageant competitors?

We all need Preparation H for under our eyes, because it’s a long day. I think you have to be confident. Obviously, if you are walking onstage in front of like 250 million people in a swimsuit, so you have to have some level of confidence.

What about Vaseline on the teeth?

I don’t do Vaseline on my teeth. Some people do. As far as a beauty kit, I need to have Preparation H, some form or fashion of lip gloss and bathing suit glue-down.

What do you use to do that?

It’s called Firm Grip.

Is that the same stuff that football players use to catch passes?

Kinda, yeah. You get it at sporting goods stores. We use duct tape, but we use it in other places.

Where do you use duct tape?

On our upper body.

To keep your boobs from showing?

No, to show them. To prop them up… You’re gonna make me sound like a loser on this. It’s gonna be like, “she likes Preparation H, duct tape and butt glue.”

What’s your biggest vice?

Sour Patch Kids

What’s your biggest virtue?

I’m just myself.

What is one thing that you have taken away from all of your competitions?

The crown.

If you could be any kind of doll, what would it be?

I probably should be a Middleton Doll, since I work for them now.

You should and that’s what we’ll say that you said, but really, what would you be.

Well, my nickname in high school was Barbie.

Which Barbie would you be?

I don’t know… Lifetime Achievement Barbie.

If you can get an original Lifetime Achievement Barbie still in the box, it’s worth about 400 thousand dollars.

Is there really a Lifetime Achievement Barbie?

No, which is why it’s worth so much.

What’s the deal with cat fights backstage?

Well, there’s no ripping of gowns. I wouldn’t say there’s catfights. I’m sure everybody gets a little frustrated, especially close to pageant time. I mean, we’re 51 of the most beautiful women across the country and we’re with each other for 21 days with nobody else except chaperones and these 51 girls. I wouldn’t say there’s catfights. I would just think everybody kinda gets emotionable. It’s a big competition and for some girls it’s their life. This is their last hope and dream to become this. A lot of them get so caught up in the fact that there is a huge chance that you are going to be Miss USA, that they forget that, once the pageant is over, the rest of the world still goes on. The pageant takes place on Friday, April 21st. That Monday, if I don’t win, I’m back here in Columbus looking for work. But, if I do win, I’m packed up and put on a plane and moved to New York. We would live in Trump Towers for the year, with Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe.

And that’s where the pillow fights are?

No. Maybe the pillow fights happen at Miss Universe, with all the other countries… You’re all about the pillow fights aren’t you?

Really, it’s all for the readers, Stacy. Our readership loves pillow fights.

So, there is no talent section in Miss USA, right?

I think walking in heels is a talent.

What A Doll

What made you decide to design a doll as part of the Miss Ohio competition? Was it your idea?

Yes, it was my decision. We are required to make a statement that represents our state. Since I grew up in Marietta, Middleton Doll is kinda in my backyard. So, I chose to use one of their products to take to miss USA, but I wanted to have a little bit more behind the doll than just them giving me one. I’m a huge advocate for breast cancer awareness; I had a lump removed from my own breast in July of last year – wait, two years ago. Breast cancer awareness is Miss USA’s official cause. So, I wanted to tie everything together, and I presented the idea to Middleton Doll and they ran with it.

Stacy will represent the "Buckeye" state at the 2006 MISS USA® pageant. The 2006 MISS USA® will be held LIVE, April 21, 2006 in the Host City of Baltimore, Maryland.