Painfully Beautful Ashley Hill

Ashley Hill’s father, Tokey Hill, was the first American to
win the WKF World Championships. The karate champion
went on to win a number of medals, until he took on the
role of karate coach, molding his daughter into a successful
Olympian herself. With big shoes to fill, Ashley remembers
starting karate soon after she learned to walk. Since then,
she has earned 14 national championships, and additional
medals in boxing and taekwondo. But even after the
multiple accolades, Ashley says that seeing her father’s
face after she wins is “better than receiving the medal.”
Growing up, Ashley spent more time with Tokey visualizing
the gold, rather than hanging out with friends. But Ashley
believes her hard work was worth it, and that she learned
valuable lessons along the way. As a father and a coach, it is
Tokey’s drive, determination, focus and kind heart that have
influenced Ashley the most. She admires those traits, and
feels that they are essential in making dreams come true.

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Painfully Beautful Ashley Hill
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