Chuck Harris - On the Vine

Chuck Harris is a wine connoisseur. The bubbly mastermind is the winemaker of all winemakers, if you will. He’s a big personality with a delightful charm, and his humor is not to be mistaken. His wife, Nina Busch, (See: Busch-Harris labeling) is a petite, rational compliment to Chuck’s extroverted tendencies. Since living in Ohio throughout his life, his affection towards country living and open air has hardly subsided. Rather, it has supported him in this fascinating industry and allowed his work of genius to be valued for what it is—delicious.

“The more pride you have about what you make, the better it is,” Harris explains. “My concern is to make it the best I can, not the most I can.”

Equipped with history and chemistry degrees from Ohio State University and a strong passion for wine, Harris and Busch created a vineyard spread out over 10-acres of land. From producing the finest grapes in the region—much like the great grapes of Europe—the result is several fabulous dessert wines. The product of this destination spot has traveled to places like Italy and France, winning many prestigious awards. Locally, they custom bottle for prominent places such as The Refectory and the private Double Eagle Golf Course. With much familiarity and zeal, their hobby has now reached a commercial winery and tasting room.

However, aside from the hard and indisputable facts concerning their fancy, perhaps the most interesting, witty detail of all is how the winery came about. “I married a woman who wanted to drink more champagne than I could afford to buy,” Harris says. “It sounds flippant, but it’s the truth.” It wasn’t until later that wine was produced on the Busch-Harris property. Instead, they conquered champagne and eventually moved on to creating high-status still wine. Since their friends and guests seemed to compliment the wine so much, it was evident they needed to branch out.

“We eventually started entering wine competitions and that pretty much just sucked us in,” Harris says.