Tony Anders - Off the Top

Tony Anders is one of the Top 10 most published hairdressers in the world. He’s worked the stages of Milan, Paris, Berlin and almost every major market from New York to LA. The former artistic director, PR director and recruiter for his family-owned Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas has also held titles ranging from body builder to NBC 4 fashion reporter to graphic designer to martial artist to motivational speaker to…redneck?

“I remain three-quarter redneck. That way you can party with about everybody,” says Anders, a native of Washington Courthouse. “But the greatest titles I’ve ever had are husband and daddy. I’ve learned that people who brag about being the best hair-dressers suck as human beings.”

Anders has traveled to the cultural centers of the world, met world-famous hairdressers Vidal Sassoon and Frederick Fekkai, worked with American Idols and American presidents, and even has a trademark on his “Hair Tailoring” concept.

Now, he’s living in Upper Arlington and building another concept he’s been dreaming of for 20 years. Ha!r, - A Tony Anders Concept, located at the corner of 3rd and Grandview Avenue.

“I call it a concept because it’s more about where I want to go, not what I want to do,” says the 42 year-old entrepreneur. “I’m in this for the business, not for the money. My concept is very steeped into cross-collaborations with the community, with good will and good service with no pretentiousness. Pay it forward, that type of thing.”

Although happy with his past work, Anders always wondered what it would be like if he did business his way. “For example, I don’t want hairdressers. I want good human beings who are good at their craft. It’s just those little things that become the recipe ingredients for a really cool dish.”