Dr. Kevin Boyle - Time Will Tell

Bexley resident and Ohio State University Associate Professor Dr. Kevin Boyle is the writer we all wish we could be. He tells the compelling stories people want and need to hear, and he tells them in a curiously inviting and intelligent voice that’s easily translatable. To top it all off, Boyle remains grounded and humble, despite having found such acclaim and literary success.

Whether one is writing or lecturing, opening other people’s minds isn’t easy. Teachers may hold the keys to tomorrow’s riches, but finding the right key to the right door is the tricky part. Boyle seems to believe it’s a matter of finding the right approach. “Teachers change how compelling learning can be,” he explains. “Education begins with admitting how little you know.”

Boyle’s storytelling is undoubtedly the kind our whole country should embrace (it won him the 2004 National Book Award for nonfiction for his book, Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights and Murder in the Jazz Age). His work broadens our understanding of the present by connecting us to the past. “American history is fascinating to me,” says Boyle, “Because it gives me a personal sense of the roots of the society I live in.”

Given all that has occurred in America over the last half-decade alone, connecting to our past may very well be our most promising means of building societal bridges in the future.